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Events for TAs and Graduate Students (TATP, GPS, and beyond) for 2017-2018

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Enhancing Students’ Research Skills (TATP) AC286A September 26 02:00 pm GPS-TATP
Presenting Yourself and Your Research: Professional Brand / LinkedIn (GPS) AA160 September 29 09:30 am GPS-TATP
Presenting Yourself and Your Research: Successful Research Posters (GPS) AA160 September 29 11:15 am GPS-TATP
Presenting Yourself and Your Research: Affinity Designer (GPS) AA160 September 29 01:30 pm GPS-TATP
Effective and Efficient Grading (TATP) IC318 October 04 03:00 pm GPS-TATP
Basic R: Statistics for Graduate Students (GPS) AA207 October 10 01:30 pm GPS-TATP
How to Build Scientific Literacy with Students Using Scientific Articles (GPS) AA207 October 11 03:00 pm GPS-TATP
Professional Skills Day: Intermediate R (GPS) BV363 October 13 10:00 am GPS-TATP
Professional Skills Day: Affinity Photo (GPS) BV363 October 13 02:00 pm GPS-TATP
Creating Accessible Visual Aids: An Introduction (TATP) IC318 November 01 04:00 pm GPS-TATP
Working with and Presenting Geographic Information (GPS) BV471 November 08 09:00 am GPS-TATP
Writing and Publishing a Research Article (GPS) IC318 November 17 12:00 pm GPS-TATP


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